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Solution focused. Certified consultants. Experienced mentors. No risk guarantee.

About Icon

Icon is a thought-leader in information technology training, mentoring and consulting. Our training staff has successfully developed cost-effective customized IT training programs and we have taught thousands of students through our formal courseware and hands-on workshops. We offer introductory to advanced courses in focused disciplines of the full software lifecycle including the Unified Process (RUP), UML, requirements and use cases, usability, iterative project management, and programming. Our instructors' real-world expertise is incorporated in each of our classes, giving your team the practical skills to be more productive when developing today's most demanding applications.

Our mentors and consultants have worked with project teams to apply new technologies and processes in their organizations to ensure project success. Full lifecycle experience allows Icon consultants to deliver expert knowledge in specific disciplines, while providing an understanding of the workflow throughout the lifecycle. Mentors and consultants actively work with the project team helping them develop skills and address problems through facilitation, demonstration, co-development, review, observation and advice. Mentoring solidifies knowledge gained through training by applying the concepts learned in class. Icon's extensive project experience has shown that teams truly understand new processes and techniques only by applying them with a seasoned mentor.

For more information on our company and our full service range, please call us toll-free at (866) 785-ICON or (636) 530-7776. Visit our training site for full lifecycle software techniques and skills training.

Certified consultants

All our consultants must pass rigorous screening and certification process. You get the best and most experienced talent.

Experienced mentors

Mentors help teams succeed and quickly stand on their own. Our mentors have the people skills required to pass their technical expertise to your staff.

No risk guarantee

If you're not convinced that our experts are the perfect fit in the first 3 days, then you pay nothing.

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Solution Focused

Business / IT Alignment
Full Lifecycle Training
Assessments (Project/Process)
Portfolio management
Project Management
Requirements Management
User Experience
Process Customization

Over 240 companies have chosen Icon in the last two years to provide training and transformation services. Let us help you begin your journey to Scaled Agile!

I attended the Certified Scrum Product Owner course last week and now have a new certification. After attending two certification classes in addition to Icon's SA class, I can definitely say that Icon provided a much better experience. The content was superior and there was more of it. The food was also better.

SA Training in Milwaukee, WI Linda

Certified Instructors

Icon instructors have met all required certification criteria, including passing rigorous tests, actual experience leading the activities to be taught, and evaluations of their ability to explain difficult concepts in front of a classroom.

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